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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  July 10, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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carrollton avenue. police do not have a motive or a suspect. the latest round of shootings brings the number up to 66 in the past 17 days. the mayor says she's sticking with her strategy of targeting known violent offenders. >> we know we're taught targeting the right people. mule everred. >> there are evercommissioner bass has reassigned commanders and promoted new ones who he says are up and coming talent. >> you can know exactly where those shootings are taking place. this violence is sparking debate about gun laws on our facebook page. you can join that conversation by going to this morning baltimore city police are investigating dozens of burglaries in canton. police say someone is breaking
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into homes on a regular basis sometimes with those living inside the homes still there. one man says he interrupted the criminal as he tried to enter his home sunday afternoon. >> we had window air conditioners and he tried to break in through the windows. feel violated uncomfortable, got rid of them. >> there's a ton of kids in this area, and we're always out walking and doing things with our kids and i feel safe in this area, and i want to continue to feel safe. so i think hopefully they're on top of it. in another case the burglar confronted a woman sleeping on her couch and took her cell phone. he later appeared in a picture holding a weapon on this woman's facebook page. police are hoping this picture helps them bring an end to the crime spree. they're closing in on suspects and stepping up patrols with marked patrol cars. an update this morning,
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we're learning more about the suspects involved in a deadly stabbing at fish head cantina. michael singer is charged as an accessory. the incident happened during a weekend fight at that restaurant. he stabbed bowman while he was being strained by security guards. -- so she could leave the bar. police are interviewing witnesses trying to figure out how the victim knew those suspects. funeral arrangements have been set for a 7-year-old boy who died in annapolis during a 4 4th of july parade. kyle aldrick was killed by a tire on a trailer. he will be remembered in a ceremony this friday on fulton avenue in baltimore. a fund has been set up for donations. federal officials say the
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detached part of an airport's tail may have caused the deadly crash in westminster. the pilot was killed. according to a new report by the ntsb, he radioed that the planes elevator became detached. that part is located on the tail of the plane and controls the plane's pitch. the plane crashed into the ground at 60 feet. orioles fans we can now say it. the birds are slumping. they have dropped five of their last six games. last night they fell once again to the texas rangers, 8-4 your final score. adrian beltran, two home runs on the night. he was responsible for driving in five on his own. following the game, zack brit man and kevin gausman were optioned back to the minors. the same two team will be going at it again tonight.
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weather shouldn't be a factor because as we've been experienced for the past several days those afternoon showers a possibility at any point in the afternoon. >> you're right charley. as you head to the game, be prepared for that. there could be a rain delay once again. right now let's look at what's going on as we head out the door. yes, we do have some clouds out there this morning. we will get sunshine as we go throughout the day. also like charley said we have the potential for pop-up showers in the forecast as well. as we look at the dew points, yes, the big story once again. look at the 70s across the board. we are feeling very uncomfortable this morning and these 70s will linger through the day, and it's going to continue towards tomorrow. temperatures this morning are warm. baltimore psy citi city coming in at 80 degrees right now. thanks a lot. nearly 2,000 people are nursing wounds this morning. we're going to tell you what happened when they decided to gather on the deck of the house
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they were renting. >> >> no delays here on the jfx at ruxton road. i am following a crash out on 695. i'll have all the details coming up on good morning maryland.
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we're at the live desk with the latest on a train crash that left more than a dozen
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dead in canada. investigators found evidence that a criminal act may have led to the disaster. there were no signal systems to warn controllers about the train. they are looking into an engine fire that occurred an hour before the derailment. about 40 people remain missing. that recorder has been recovered but investigators are having trouble accessing the site due to toxic material. investigators are getting closer to knowing the cause of a crash at the asiana flight in san fransisco. the four pilots have been talking to investigators. the senior pilot realized the plane was flying too low less than 2 seconds before the crash. the plane struck a seawall before crashing on the runway. two chinese students were killed. 200 others were injured. the latest on the george zimmerman murder trial. the defense says they will rest their case expected to happen today. this comes after a lengthy and
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heated day in the courtroom. yesterday a witness took the stand to talk about animations that he used to create this crime scene and the technology. the defense says the animation can help the jury understand how the confrontation between trayvon martin and george zimmerman began. the prosecution argue it's not based on evidence. they also want jurors to hear about martin's text messages which reportedly show he was had been in fights and was trying to buy a gun. he's expected to take up the issue of a defense witness violating sequestration. 20 people are hurt after a deck collapsed in north carolina. this happened last night at a home near beach and brunswick county. the second story deck fell on the first story condo. a group of people were renting that home and an owner has been notified. injuries appear to be nonlife- threatening. the boston marathon bombing
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suspect is due in court for his arraignment dzhokhar tsarnaev is facing multiple charges including using a weapon of mass destruction against persons and property. he could face the death penalty. three people were killed and hundreds others injured when the bombs went off near the finish line. victims and their families are expected to pack a massachusetts courtroom as the 19-year-old suspect hears the charges read to him. authorities say there will be a heavy police presence in that courthouse. erica brannock was one of the people seriously hurt in those bombings but is now on the road to recovery. she will attend a ceremony. she will be there to thank the free masons for helping build. >> now from abc2, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right. let's talk about what's going on right now on the satellite and radar composite.
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here at home not a whole lot. we have some clouds picking up this morning. no type of rain as of now. we can see all the rain back off towards the south or towards the west rather and also down towards the south. we'll start to get some more action as we go towards the past couple of days. ike the not a lot of change with the feature going on. we are waiting for this cold front to move through. it will do so as we go into tomorrow, but then it's going to stall out as we go towards the weekend. that's how we'll keep the rain chances around. temperatures right now coming in at 76 degrees in annapolis, and 74 in union bridge. parkton you're coming in at 70 degrees. let's talk about the tropics. right now we have tropical storm chantal, and we can see where it is. this big mass right here, and basically it is fizzling out. it is starting to weaken. those winds sustained at about 45 miles per hour. moving to the west, northwest at 25 miles per hour. look at the track.
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what we're thinking is we could be seeing it around the southeast area. it's not going to travel up the coast. that's definitely good news for us. it will still bring lots of rain to the southeast. abc's most accurate future trend, your community home could be on the wet -- your commute home could be on the west side. more rain in the forecast. for today that high temperature coming in right around 87 degrees. let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. unfortunately we are starting the day off with a crash on 695. it's right on the southwest corner blocking one outer loop lane. for those traveling in anne arundel county a crash has been cleared from the northbound lanes of route 2, and 97 will be nice and clear. no problems from route 50 up to the beltway. 95 and howard county we're looking at 65 miles per hour
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northbound at 195 you're not going to have problems heading downtown. and 95 and white marsh going to be free of delays. you're looking at a normal 7 minute trip down to the fort mchenry toll plaza. no delays from york road into downtown baltimore. in baltimore county and some businesses businesses are getting hit with a big jump in property taxes. the wastewater remediation fee or as some call it the rain tax is hitting businesses hard. sherrie johnson's here with more. what are those business lead, saying. >> it's undoubtedly raining on the parade of businesses. business owners are seeing the impact of the rain tax with single family homes paying anywhere from 21 to $40 one more. one business owner is paying $30,000 for 31 commercial properties. the assessments were based on aerial photography with accuracy down to the tenth of a
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foot. while the goal of the tax is to help keep pollution out of the bay, business owners say they're carrying the burden. >> i can't do it for my people but out there in the real world those fees are going to filter right through businesses. the products and services that those businesses are providing and the consumer is going to pay my for the products. >> there's an effort to repeal the rain tax. they plan to do some active campaign to get lawmakers to repeal the tax next legislative session. it's 4:47. the rain tax is impacting people in each count. you can find a break down at after ten years of abc2, today is sherrie johnson's final day. we thought it would be fun and take a trip down memory lane. and check out one of her first on air reports have you seen this yet?
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>> they haven't seen any new money. yet the board is expected to pay new expenses. they're frustrated at what they call inadequate funding. >> she has covered everything from breaking news to severe weather, even education reports and things going on in the community. she's been our education reporter involved with young leaders with students in the city. >> it's been a fun ride charley. and you know, it's exciting to be here and to tell you guys after ten years at this station i'm embarking on a new adventure adventure. i've accepted a position as public information officer with harford county. i want to take a moment to thank you for allowing me into your home each day and trusting me to tell your stories and mc and host your events. i've grown so much. i won my first emmy award here and recently learned i was selected for an naacp award.
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i want to thank the community for the love and support. i'm not from here but the community adopted me and made me feel very welcome from the start. and for that i'll always be grateful. it's been an honor and a pleasure to serve the baltimore area. i hope many of you will keep in touch. you can continue to follow me on facebook and on twitter sherri enews. it's been a fun ride. >> i want to thank you for your time and it's been a real pleasure. >> thank you and i appreciate it. no more picking on you in the morning. >> you still got two hours. >> i got more work to do. put me to work. >> we'll be right back.
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the highway administration is looking to improve the roads you drive on, and today you can share your thoughts on the projects taking place in baltimore, hartford and howard county. the projects included aing a northbound lane on 29 between seneca drive and 175 in columbia. theand replacing the i-695 bridge over mill ford mill road. state highway administration is asking for funding on this project and today you can voice your opinions during a public hearing beginning at 4:30 at the baltimore metropolitan county. mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will visit the maryland institute of college of arts to
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announce funding far youth summer job. they will meet with 20 students students. the program provides more than 5,000 baltimore youth ages 14 to 21 with summer jobs. and today we're going to learn whether ocean city streets are safer thanks to a walk smart campaign. the safety campaign rolled out this summer as a result of countless pedestrian accidents. one of those accidents involved a towson university student killed in a hit and run crash last year. his parents will be at that event today. officials will reveal the as a results of their campaigns. time for a check of that forecast. it's especially danger out there for those of us in the region who spend much of our time outdoors working. we need to be safe. >> you are definitely right. download our storm shield app, just in case we're not on, we're going to alert you to the warnings in your area and keep you safe.
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for today we have that temperature coming at 87 degrees and we have the potential for showers and storms. as we go into the game time, yes, that first pitch at 7:05, we're going to take that temperature coming in at 84 degrees. it will be humid once again. today it's going to be on the breezy side with those winds in the southwest about 10 to 15 miles an hour, and once again that thunderstorm is possible, so we could have a rain delay once again. as we go into the seven-day forecast, this is what it looks like. we will keep the thunderstorms around as we work towards thursday. as we head towards the end of the week, it's going to be a little less humid with temperatures slightly below average. let's get a check of the traffic with lauren. we are dealing with a crash right now on 695. it's blocking one outer loop lane at 95 north. so if you are traveling in the area, here's what it looks like at baltimore national pike. it's not causing any significant delays. normal drive time of 12 minutes from 795 all the way down to 95. the east side of the beltway free of delays. you're looking at a 12 minute
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ride on the outer loop from 95 up to 83. no approximate on the jfx heading into the city. you'll want to watch out for a crash at falls lane. that is your time saver traffic. the -- a report from the united nation's food and agricultural nation reveals mexico holds the title. based on a number from a 2008 stud i can they showed nearly a third of the delta mexico are considered obese. the report blames the increase on a rising income in the nation's increasingly urban lifestyle. the u.s. came in second. this is a list no city wants to be a part of but baltimore is out of luck. the top 10 list of the worst city for bedbugs. the city comes in at number 5 on the greatest increase of bedbug complaints. it bases that list on the number of calls it's received related to bedbugs through may of this year.
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the city with the greatest increase, sacramento california.
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as parents we know our toddlers can pretty much get into anything, including our cell phones. most times the curiosity is cute. sometimes it can be pretty expensive. this is 14-month-old, living proof you're never too long for an online shopping spree. serel was playing with her parents smartphone when she bought a car. the toddler and her family are
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the proud owners of a 1962 austin beauty spark. >> she opened ebay up and started clicking around and one thing led to another and we own a car. the car cost $225. the father said she's happy -- he's happy she didn't buy a $38,000 car. he created a new pin code in case she gets the shopping bug again. good morning maryland at 5 starts right now. you're watching the station that works for you. good morning maryland. >> it is the hump day. we take a live look at the domino sugar factory. hope your day is off to a great start. yesterday was a steamegood morn maryland. i'm charley crowson. lynette charles is standing be i with a check of the radar. any storms out there? >> not right now.
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we have light showers back off towards the west and it is beginning to move into our area. we'll start to see the stormy weather as we move into the afternoon time. if your traveling are taking you to the west this morning, you are starting to see that light to moderate rain in the yellow color. all this is pushing off towards the east towards winchester, stevens city, strasburg and also front royal this morning. as you step out the door temperatures are above average coming in at 73 degrees right now. look at the humidity at 91% that dew point at 71, so once again we are dealing with those dew points that are very sultry. it's 73 right now in glenelg, that humidity with that dew point at 72. the wind are calm but they will pick up out of the southwest as we go throughout the day at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. if you're headed to the game it is going to be breezy. temperature at em emmittsburg at 74 degrees. this is going to be the trend
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as we got throughout the day. we're waking up around 7:00 this morning, that temperature at 77 degrees. by 10:00 we're at 82 and by lunchtime 85 degrees. you could eat the lunch outdoors. make sure you keep your eye to the sky as we go more into the afternoon, evening that's when we'll have a better chance of showers and storms. let's get a check of the traffic now with lauren. some trouble in anne arundel county. there is a crash on 97 right along the southbound lanes at general's highway and more problems on 695. there's another accident that's blocking one lane of the outer loop right at the ramp 295 north. not causing significant delays as we check in and take a look at the drive times, a 12 minute ride from 795 all the way down to 95. 95 also going to be nice and clear here in downtown baltimore. from white marsh it's going to take 7 minutes to travel from the harbor tunnel through way to the fort mchenry tunnel. we have two crashes one on
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briggs avenue. that is your time saver traffic. >> what is it going to take to stop the shootings in baltimore, another day six people shot. linda so is live this morning at police headquarters. linda what is the police commissioner saying about the plan and strategy for tackling this problem. >> reporter: (inaudible). he's replaced them with new ones who he says are up and coming talent. the city is now up to 66 shootings in the past 17 days. what's so unsettling about this latest shooting is it happened in the middle of the day along a busy street in west baltimore. four people ages 15, 33, 20, and 19 were shot. they were all sitting on the front steps of a home in north carrollton avenue. earlier in the day two men were shot on east ran dell street. one of them died. the major -- the people


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